How to Choose Mobile App Development Course Online?

There are so many different courses, tutorials, and instructions out there for you to learn mobile development. In the sea of options, it’s important to understand what will help you be ready in the professional workplace and excel in programming.

While there are some teachers that can explain the concept well, you may leave the class asking yourself how can you apply this knowledge. And it’s because these teachers don’t have the experience building and shipping professional apps. It’s like knowing all theory, but not actual practice.

There are also some great professionals who share their knowledge and tutorials (mostly on Udemy) that are so advanced, it may leave you wondering whether you’re capable of learning anything or not. And it’s not you, it’s the profesional. Unfortunately, some senior developers forget what it was like to be a beginner. Thus, they create tutorials to solve problems while falsely assuming that their reader knows the underlying framework to their proposed solution

And that’s why finding a truly great course, that will help you excel at learning and understanding software development is very important. I really like what Udacity has been doing so far. They combine both, teacher and professional perspectives, to help you learn properly.

In fact, I liked their approach so much that last year I decided to collaborate with them in making an Android Kotlin Developer Nanodegree . The main difference of the nanodegree is at the end of each lesson and chapter there are projects, that have been developed by professionals, like me, based on the previous experience building and releasing apps.

And to be honest with you, it was not easy to explain things in plain English without any technical jargon. With tremendous help from Udacity, we’ve nailed down the course, so everyone can just take it and start building their own Android apps. Make sure to check out the degree , and if you have any questions about “Advanced Android Apps with Kotlin, Part 1”, just ping me, because I worked on it =).

For those, who are in the beginning of their journey to become an Android Developer, I’d recommend looking at “Android Basics” . It covers all the basics of Android Framework and it will help you to get comfortable with Android.

If you’re thinking to swing to the dark side and become an iOS Developer, then definitely check out this nanodegree .

Software development is a continuous education. Don’t assume after finishing these nanodegrees, you’ll know everything. It is just the beginning. You’ll learn so much as you go, and that’s the beauty of working as a developer - you get paid to keep learning.

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